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GERB was founded in 1908. Since then, we are supplying engineered solutions for vibration control, vibration isolation and seismic protection.

GERB developed various products for the vibration isolation of track beds designed in tunnels, at grade and on elevated tracks. The GERB Floating Slab Track Systems are designed to be highly effective and reliable as vibration mitigation measures. Railway and acoustic experts appreciate the GERB Floating Slab Track Systems ability to reduce vibrations and disturbing structure-borne noise in urban areas.

GERB provides the elastic support for the floating slab track with the help of spring elements and elastomeric bearings. Furthermore, our company offers prediction analysis, engineering, installation and vibration measurement services.

Other important application areas are the elastic support of buildings, machines and equipment, as well as damping solutions for tall structures (stadiums, bridges, buildings) with Tuned Massed Dampers.

Products and services

GERB provides elastic support systems, engineering, installation and inspections to solve your vibration problem.

Rail transport systems cause vibrations and structure-borne noise, which can be disturbing for sensitive areas such as residential buildings, concert halls, hospitals and others.

We design floating-trackbed systems, offer protection measures to reduce these vibrations and enable rail systems to adhere to compulsory limit values. Depending on the required attenuation,
spring systems or elastomeric pads can be used.

GERB provides solutions for the following areas:

  • Tram, underground and elevated railway tracks in local public transportation

  • Complete tracks including high-speed tracks in long-distance public transportation

  • Heavy load tracks in freight transportation


EBS-elements will be installed similar to elastomeric bearings through centered openings in recesses located below the rail. It offers all the advantage of the spring supported system for a cost effective price.


KY-elements are used in cases where there is side access to lateral recesses. By providing a greater load capacity due to the larger number of springs inside the housing, they offer a cost effective solution for such arrangement.


GSI-elements are fully integrated inside the slab and consist of a embedded housing and a spring unit. They are preferably installed for floating slab tracks in tunnels with limited space. The integrated jacking system enables a cost-effective construction of the slab direct on the invert. The permanent access from above allows adjustments of the Floating Slab Track without interrupting the train operation.

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News & Innovations

NOVODAMP® - Specific Micro-pore Polyurethane for Building and Trackbed Isolation Systems

NOVODAMP® is the latest innovation in elastic support of floating slab tracks (FST) and buildings of any size for stiffness modification and vibration isolation.

Since 1908, GERB is committed to vibration control, pioneering the use of elastic materials, including springs, in applications worldwide.

GERB offers a variety of NOVODAMP® pads and mats with different sizes and characteristics to provide track elasticity and vibration control for a broad range of applications. GERB NOVODAMP® pads are held to stringent quality control standards to meet industry demands. The research and development team performs static and dynamic tests per international standards. Project specific quality assurance (QA) programs can be certificated by independent institutes.

The characteristics of NOVODAMP® do not change over time, by temperature, static or transient loads.

NOVODAMP® class T is designed for elastic support of trackbeds. The elasticity is especially designed for today's demanding track applications. The material can be used as discrete pads, strips or as a full surface support. Reasonable frequency ranges are starting from 8 Hz and above.

The GERB engineered solutions provide the following benefits:

  • efficient mitigation of structure borne noise and vibration

  • material thickness minimizes construction height

  • low system frequencies

  • easy installation

  • constant mechanical properties over time

  • low construction cost

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