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Rail Power Systems GmbH is one of the worldwide leading suppliers for railway electrification and power supply systems headquartered in Munich, Germany.

Everything you need for railway power supply: Rail Power Systems and the experts of its Systems Design division ensure that the power supply for electrified railways is designed optimal, economically and environmentally clean and that all systems and platform developments are integrated. They are assisted by state-of-the-art computer applications, virtual simulation programmes, precise feasibility analyses and sophisticated project software tools.

Building on the comprehensive range of products of Rail Power Systems offers systems and components worldwide. They include systems and components for contact lines, railway power supply and tele-control technology.

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Products and services

Overall Project Management and System Engineering of Catenary and Power Supply Systems.

  • Project Planning

  • Interface and Quality, Safety & RAMS Management

  • Contract management

  • Basic Design

  • Application Design of Electrification System

  • Platform Development

  • System Integration

    Overhead Contact Systems for Main Line

  • up to 160km/h

  • from 160km/h to 230km/h

  • from 250km/h to 400km/h

    Overhead Contact Line Systems for

  • Mass Transit

  • Third / Fourth Rail Systems

  • Overhead Conductor Rail Systems

  • Catenary Components and Materials

    Power Supply Systems
  • AC Systems

  • Substations (16,7 Hz, 50/60 Hz)

  • Static Frequency Converter Stations

  • Booster and Auto Transformer Stations

  • AC Switchgear Units, 25 KV (Air insulated / Solid insulated, SF6 free)
  • DC Systems

  • Complete DC substations

  • Diode Rectifiers

  • DC Switchgear Units
  • Network Control Systems / SCADA
TracFeed® VLD - Version 2 - Voltage Limiting Device

In DC railway systems, dangerous touch voltages can arise
between the return circuit (running rail) and “earth”. Thus, the touch voltage must be limited in accordance with EN 50122-1/EN 50122-3. For this situation, the best option is a voltage limiting device, or VLD. This allows for shortcircuiting of the two potentials between the earth and the
return circuit in case of increased current and opening under load. This limits any resulting stray current issue.

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TracFeed® DCP3 Protection and control for DC switchgear panels

TracFeed® DCP3 is a powerful system platform designed for the universal application of providing protection as well as carrying out controlling, monitoring and measurement tasks in DC switchgear panels for DC traction railway systems. It is the third generation of the very successful device family TracFeed® DCP.
Advantages: The hardware is interchangeable with DCP1x6 as well as TracFeed® DCP2 series units.
New: IEC61850 communication standard capability.

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TracFeed®TAS - First 27,5 kV solid insulated switchgear for railway applications

It has the environmental friendliness of modern air-insulated switchgears and the compact size and modularity of gas-insulated switchgears. It combines the advantages of both technologies. The broad range of equipment modules allows solutions for a wide variety of both simple and complex station layouts. TracFeed® TAS serves all one- to three-pole railway systems including urban, regional, intercity and high-speed transport up to 36 kV. Thus it benefits both operators and the environment.

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Rajendran Mudaliar
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Phone: +60 166 003685
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